Ziggurat Of Uar Qur

Somewhere in Notus, in a place not unlike ancient Mesopotamia, is a large terraced compound of successively receding levels. Four levels in total compromise Ziggurat of Uar Qur. Many zigzagging stairs lead up to the top where the temple proper is located. The exterior is not well decorated but the inside is another matter. Colorful tiles dot the floor and reliefs are carved into the walls. Different colored glazed walls and columns indicate the different directions and denote which way faces Pharos. All of it has astrological significance and great openings in the ceiling give an unimpeded view of the sky.

The Ziggurat is used for marriage ceremonies and to hold festivals, such as the initiation rites of the new year festival. None of which outsiders are supposed to behold. However, it's most important function is that it houses the young demigoddess Rul. Rul, daughter of a great Diety, who sits alone upon a golden couch and presides over every event. It is because of her presence that outsiders are barred from entrance as not to sully Rul with their gazes. However Rul has become bored and lonely. Though the high priests worship her, they aren't much in the way of company. It is for that reason the twintailed demigoddess tries when she can to sneak, much to their consternation.

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