Zephyrus, or the land of steam and steel, exists during the pre industrial to industrial revolution. Chimneys belch smoke into the air as gas lights and primitive light bulbs illuminate the night. Buildings of brick and primitive concrete are a common sight as are the factories and crafting or merchant guilds. Not surprisingly fringe sciences, specifically the ever popular "steampunk", call Zephyrus home although even here it isn't quite that common. Still, clockwork and steam-powered works represent the spirit of the quarter and are just as varied as the people that walk its street.

Notable Locations
Alchemist City
Brooke and Brooke Haberdashery and Clothier
God's Machine
Jade Dragon
The Lion and Feather Inn
Lord Weiss Dormitory
The Grand Duchy of Lindel

Notable Organizations
Bright Sylphs
The Ugly Mongrels
The Merciful Sons

Notable People
"Uncle" Lau

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