Name: Yamori
Height: 5'9"
Wait, change that
Height: 5'9" (plus 32 inch tail)
Weight: 145 lbs
Eyes: Gold (reflective, as any nocturnal creatures are.)
Hair: Black, with a tendency to rise in spikes.
Known Affiliations/Organizations: Red Tree Clan
Likes: Eating large insects and small birds. Also enjoys fried chicken. Will spar in several fighting arts and enjoys grappling.
Dislikes: Destruction of wild land, garbage, animals that feed on human garbage (such as rats and crows.)
Description/History: If a cat-girl is a human with a few cat-like traits, Yamori is a human with a few… gecko-like traits. With bright golden eyes, wide finger and toe tips with a chevroned grip, a grey-yellow scaly tail the young man was cast out as a freak from the capital city of his homeland to the forests. It was there, in the Red Tree Village, that a group of societal outcasts took him in. With superhuman movement Yamori was a natural among this Red Tree Clan, a group of shadow assassins and spies hired by the cityfolk for special operations. He lived a dangerous life of survival by these means- and now finds himself surviving new dangers in Enoch. Survival-oriented Yamori can be somewhat anti-social among others, especially outgoing folk.

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