The city of Enoch is situated in a land called the Land of Nod. Nod has an area in excess of 80,000,000 square miles1. It is a large landmass in the middle of a vast ocean with only a handful of islands nearby. It encompasses every known biome, from dry deserts to lush jungles, and includes many natural wonders. There are mountain ranges and canyons, lakes and rivers. There are also unnatural landmarks like ancient ruins, abandoned facilities, ghost towns, and dungeons which litter the countryside. While Enoch is the only major population center on this sub-continent, there are small settlements and camps that spring up and disappear with the passage of time. These are sometimes temporary, set up by explorers, but others are created by dissidents and people tired of living under the control of the tower.

Notable Locations
Twilight Desert/Midnight Desert
Misery Swamps
Solnechnyy Gorod
Juniper Colony

Notable Organizations
Blood Swords
The Metal Sons

Notable People
(None yet)

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