Somewhere lost to time and beyond reach of mortal means lies the immortal Land of Nod. It is a place whispered of only in obscure legend, an immense landmass in an even more vast and infinite ocean. It is the sole continent, a supercontinent, accompanied only by a smattering of islands and island chains. Together they encompass every conceivable biome, from dry deserts to lush jungles. They are dotted with many natural wonders: mountain ranges and canyons, volcanic fields and salt flats, lakes, rivers, and waterfalls. And then there are the unnatural landmarks, all beyond counting. Like ancient ruins and abandoned facilities or ghost towns and dungeons which litter the countryside. Foreboding obelisks and monoliths can be found throughout, some thrumming with ominous power. And if this weren't daunting enough, there are the rumors. Some say the land changes or resets itself. Not all of it and not all at once, but in subtle increments. Or so they say.

It is here in Nod that Enoch, the First City, eternally resides as a bastion against the untamable wilderness beyond its great walls. At the heart of that city is Pharos, the monumental lighthouse which looks over all the land and serves as a beacon for those stolen from other worlds. Many retreat to the city and sire generations of new Enochians but not everyone. Some choose not to live in the shadow of the Tower, tired of its authority, while others are turned away at Enoch's gates for any number of byzantine reasons. For these people there is little to turn to but small settlements and camps which spring up and disappear with the passage of time, built by people like them: dissidents, refugees, rebels, or people who just got lost. Of course, some temporary encampents are set up by explorers. These people venture forth to investigate and acquire exotic resources not readily found within the city itself. And unfortunately others are set up by gangs of bandits who prey upon all the others.

Whatever the case, Enoch outlasts them all. The First City, the City that Always Was and Will Be, is the only major population center in all of Nod and that has been true for as long as anyone can remember.

Notable Locations
Twilight Desert/Midnight Desert
Misery Swamps
Solnechnyy Gorod
Juniper Colony

Notable Organizations
Blood Swords
The Metal Sons

Notable People
(None yet)

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