Wonderland Cafe

“Yes, that's it!" Said the Hatter with a sigh, "it's always tea time.”

Maid cafes are a relatively new phenomena, originating in some far eastern place. The Wonderland Cafe was apparently one of the earliest to come to Boreas and today is one of the more prominent establishments. It is located in an upscale, urban district and occupies an expansive property The building itself has multiple stories with the cafe taking up the first floor while the second floor is for housing some of the employees including the eccentric owner, Lacie. The main room is large and has numerous tables, the longest of which at the center. It is the Mad Hatter's table, like in the story, and is normally reserved for special arrangements. There are, of course, fancy table wear such as tea pots, cups, and saucers as well as a variety of decorations befitting the story of Alice In Wonderland. There is bar seating as well for those less interested in an authentic experience. To the side of the building is a large covered patio with a garden for nice weather and special events, where croquet is also played. There are also party rooms with different themes such as the Catepillar's forest, the palace of the red queen, and of course a private mad hatter's tea party. There is also the classic room with the oversized furniture with plates of treats and drinks with signs that say "eat me" or "drink me". Due to their popularity, they must be reserved in advance! Staff may also be requested specifically for parties, like a proper host club, but getting too handsy will not be tolerated. Those that cannot follow the rules will be ejected!

The owner and director of the Wonderland Cafe is a wonderfully eccentric woman by the name of Lacie, who fills the role of the Queen of Hearts. Rumor has it she was a prominent scientist once upon a time, which would explain the unusual number of Homunculus that staff her business. This includes Lawrence, the white rabbit with real rabbit ears, and Marche who fills the role of the March hair complete with hare ears. Nine, who plays the role of the Chesire Cat, is a cat boy with a mischievous streak. Then there is Madison, Lacie's niece, who takes the part of Alice. With the exception of Madison, they are all purported to be Lacie's creations. A whimsical cast for a whimsical setting.

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