Valley Of Forges

One of the smallest districts in Eurus, the Valley of Forges is home to some of the finest craftsmen in all of Enoch. Forges, foundries, blacksmiths and tinkerers can all be found here laboring away to the sound of hammers striking metal. It is almost like music to them and in fact every so often they can be heard singing in unison like a proper chorus. One might even say, hm, an anvil chorus? That in and of itself has become an attraction for people passing through, though of course the primary interest is still the wares produced. Weapons, armor, horshoes. They can all be found here and of the highest quality.

While situated between some small hills, it isn't so much a valley but an area dug out from mining in centuries past. Many of the buildings are in fact carved out of the rocky walls. Part of the district is even located underground in tunnels, caverns, and old mines where many call home. On either side of the man-made valley are dwelling and businesses built onto the slopes of the hills, housing workers and peddling the wares produced below. Of one more note is the great shrine built into a cliff, dedicated to gods of fire and metal. It is tended to by the priestess Shinoa who herself is a skilled artisan at making arms and armor. Many smiths and artificiers come to pay respects and to make offerings to the myriad number of gods, hoping that their future works will be blessed or at least half as good as what the kindhearted Shinoa can make.

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