"Only the truly brave or incredibly stupid can get to Valhalla but it's worth it! The burgers are amazing."

Valhalla is a diner like no other. Just like the legends of yore, it's located high above the streets. However, unlike the lofty hall in Asgard, it is merely located on the roof of a multi-story building and there is no conventional way for would-be patrons to get to it. That is to say there are no stairs, ladders, or elevators. Anyone that wants to eat there, let alone see it, must find an alternate means which are normally dangerous. These methods include but are not limited to grappling hooks, magic, jetpacks, parkour/free running, and air treks (ultra fast, normally two-wheeled rollerblades powered by micro engines). In other words, like its mythical precursor, only the worthy may dine at Valhalla. Most often these are the traceur/freerunners and the air trek users who call themselves Storm Riders. Many of these adventurous souls have left their mark here, tagging walls with paint or emblem stickers and magnets for it is a matter of pride just getting there, an exclusive domain just for them.

The roof on which Valhalla sits is expansive and hard to see from street level and on at least two sides are taller buildings with windowless walls facing inward. To one side there is a chain-link fence where christmas lights hang. There are also white wooden arbors covered in vines and potted plants including even a few small trees, adding some much needed greenery. The diner itself is a small, seemingly classic "rail car" styled eatery with very limited seating inside. There are, however, picnic tables scattered around the roof. Hanging overhead are paper lanterns that spell out 'Valhalla'. The wall to the left flank of Valhalla is covered with emblems of various Storm Rider teams and free runners who've come and gone over the years, the space inside the diner having run out a long time ago. Included are also memorials, some hung where ever space is available.

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