Where did the Uranchani come from? Was it the far future or the distant past? They seem to fit into either very well. The species as a whole is very good at adapting to the societies and time periods around them. In places like Eurus they sport hooded robes and metal masks while carrying staves and scepters or ancient tomes full of lore. In Boreas they may utilize cybernetics and sport jumpsuits with power armor tailored to their physiology which, by the way, is one of their most striking features. The Uranchani are a very tall and slender race, reaching heights of seven feet easily. They have four spindly arms that are nearly as long as they are tall. Their heads are somewhat large for their bodies and are always concealed leading to stories of them hiding many eyes or mandibles and pharyngeal jaws. They are masters of the arcane and the psionic and their thirst for knowledge is what drives them to explore the various wards and catalog what they find. Whether it is in a book or a tablet. And yet, for all their curiosity, they are not very talkative or even very emotional. When they do talk, their voices echo as if more than one person is speaking. Despite their seemingly cold nature, they are actually very sociable and welcome guests especially if they have knowledge to share.

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