Uncle Lau

William Lau, also known by his aliases of "Uncle Lau" or "Tiger Lau", is the leader of a criminal organization that deals in arms and smuggling. His group, the Shan Yun, and its affiliates operate primarily in Zephyrus but have ties throughout Enoch and its criminal underworld. William also operates a number of legitimate businesses as cover including warehouses and Asian restaurants, but his primary source of income comes from selling and transporting weapons and other illicit goods. If there is something a person needs, even if it's a magic sword, chances are he can get it or at least something comparable.

As with any good criminal, the details about Uncle Lau's history are murky at best. He likes it that way and keeps it to himself. What can be said of him is that he is a jovial person. Friendly, approachable, and laid back so long as no one crosses the line with him. Those that do find Lau to be a talented martial artist and an even better shot.

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