Twilight Desert

Beyond the wall are many dangers but also many marvels to behold. Strange phenomena and natural wonders, some that can be explained while others seem to defy logic. The Twilight Desert, sometimes called the Midnight Desert, is one such place. Its vast dunes of fine white and silver sand can be found somewhere far to the north of Enoch. What gives the desert its name and makes it truly unique is that a perpetual night inexplicably hangs over it. The sun never rises and the only illumination comes from an moon that never moves but goes through all the phases. Its light causes the sands to shimmer brilliantly, especially during full moons where it becomes possible to see far without any aid. During new moons the desert becomes a pitch black that even torches and flashlights have difficulty cutting through.

Somehow life has adapted to this strange environment, such as giant albino scorpions and burrowing basilisks. Some creatures are blind while others use light to attract prey, like the various species of land-dwelling angler fish. Oasis can be found here like many deserts, supporting the most life that can be found here. Crystal clear water supports pale trees with white or silver leaves and glowing fungi, some of which can be worth quite a bit back in Enoch for anyone brave enough to try and find them. Rumors from various guilds also tell of ancient ruins that appear from the dunes only under the incredibly rare eclipses though there is as of yet no concrete evidence to support it.

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