Just as someone once had the mad idea to breed orcs with men, someone else had the insane idea of crossing ogres with trolls. That someone was the Genesis Genetics Pharmaceutical company, or GGP, a powerful group based in Boreas. Their intended goal was to create a new and powerful lifeform to fill the role of heavy infantry or heavy support and their end result was terrifyingly effective. Standing at roughly thirteen feet and bristling with muscle, they can plow through just about anything. If that isn't bad enough, their skin is as tough as stone and they have inherited the regenerative properties of trolls though with a diminished weakness to fire. Having been created in labs, they lack any kind of culture and in fact they were designed with limited intelligence in order to be obedient soldiers. When employed by the GGP or by other corporations, they often in cased in thick armor and wield heavy weapons like miniguns and .50 machine guns or some sort of melee weapon.

Weirdly enough, shortly after their creation by the GGP, Guilds reported running into strange creatures that appeared to be some sort of troll and ogre hybrid beyond the wall. How this is possible is anyone's guess but it is theorized that perhaps some specimens escaped captivity or else were accidentally released by some organization that was using them. There are even Dark rumors that upon their creation, Pharos itself began generating them in the untamed world outside Enoch. Whatever the case may be, they are incredibly dangerous and caution should be taken when encountering one.

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