Theia Gnosi

The ancient repository of knowledge known as Theia Gnosi resides on the border of Eurus and Notus, residing largely in the latter. It is an ancient basilica built into and on top of cliffs that act as a natural barrier between the two wards, towering many feet above its surroundings. Reaching the Theia Gnosi is a harrowing journey through a small cave system and up narrow stairways carved into the sheer rock face which in some places there is barely enough room for two people to walk side-by-side.

Anyone brave enough to ascend will find an expansive complex whose most prominent features are a massive dome and three towers that surround it. What little space there is around the Theia Gnosi are given over to gardens and fountains so that those seeking wisdom have a place to reflect. Inside is a museum of ancient wonders and vast libraries filled to the brim with lore. There is also a small shrine dedicated to deities of learning where scholars make offerings in hopes of uncovering old truths and secrets of Enoch. Whether or not there are any remains to be seen for the monks overseeing the site require anyone seeking entrance to pass certain trials and swear sacred vows.

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