The Temple of All Divinity

High upon a mountain in Notus, carved into is rocky face, is a sprawling complex. On the outside are fountains and gardens with terraces overlooking the land below. Statues of innumerable gods, some well known and others all but forgotten, can be found here with offerings often heaped at their feet. On the inside are countless shrines, altars, and reliquaries tended to by an order sworn to honor all faiths and religions even when they seem to contradict each other. This place is known as the Temple of All Divinity where Gods and Goddess of all kinds are represented. Dwarven Ancestors, Christianity, and even Elder Abominations are at least acknowledged and recorded in ancient tombs.

The temple is not an easy place to reach and not just because of its remote location. More than a thousand steps must be climbed and in one place even a rickety rope bridge must be crossed. However, for anyone with resolve or patience, they will find it and be welcomed for no man or woman or beast is turned away so long as they do not disturb the relative peace. For those that bring ill will to the temple or any visitors, they will receive no mercy from the warrior priests that protect it.

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