The Prancing Lion

There aren't many Taverns and Inns quite as infamous as the Prancing Lion. It is owned by the greedy and cantankerous gnome, Claris, who runs a tight ship with her small staff of cooks, barmaids, and one very bitter elven mage janitor currently enthralled by a potent artifact. The service is okay and the food is edible and the location convenient. Just don't get on the gnome's bad side for she is known to wield a frying pan with deadly accuracy.

The Prancing Lion is two stories, with a large common room. One of its more prominent features is a large hearth framed by lion statues. The feline motif is present elsewhere, such as the bar where lions and other big cats are carved into the wood. Even the job board is crafted in such a way that it appears two lions are holding it up! Sadly, the place has seen better days. It was a nice, and in some ways still is, but is not kept very clean and maintenance is not done often enough. Probably because the Elf shirks on his duties whenever he can!

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