The Metal Sons

Picture a ragtag group of scavengers, brigands, and mercenaries unified by an unhealthy obsession for the mechanical and a warped code of honor. Now picture them wearing tattered leather and crude armor cobbled together from whatever they can find. Add in equal parts greed and desperation with a dash of lunacy. Basically something out of a post apocalyptic movie, tire pauldrons and all. That is the Metal Sons in a nutshell. They devote their time to raiding caravans and looting any camps they come across in the land of nod, though on occasion they have been known to sell their services for oil and spare parts. Whether it's helping other marauding bands or aiding denizens of Enoch, it makes little difference to them so long as they get what they want. It's all so they can build and maintain a fleet of vehicles which they place a great deal of importance on. Naturally these are bedecked in spikes and skulls, as befitting any road warrior, and are haphazardly thrown together from scrap. They may, on occasion, also explode with the slightest bump but the Metal Sons don't seem to mind. In fact they relish in what they call a 'challenge'. Speed and ferocity are valued and risk is welcome. The Metal Sons operate largely north of Boreas and in the deserts outside Skiron, though on occasion can be found venturing west of Zephyrus. It's very rare they go south by Notus or East by Eurus; these places have no appreciation for gearheads and grease monkeys and thus are not appreciated by the Metal Sons.

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