The Lion And Feather Inn

"I used to be an adventurer like you, but then an Owl Bear clawed out my eye. Now I'm here to help you."

Very few places are as famous or prestigious as the Lion and Feather, owned and operated by the heroic "Wild Rose". Having retired from a life of adventure after a crippling wound, she purchased the place and turned it into a haven for people like her. For people who had come from other worlds and were now lost in Enoch. For many who first step foot in Zephyrus, where the inn is located, the Lion and Feather is one of the first destination because it is here they can get their bearings, find information, and learn about the city. But while it specializes in helping newcomers, anyone is welcome to enjoy its hospitality. The service is great, the food is excellent. The drink? Legendary. And no one should forget the cute girls that work there as well.

The Lion and Feather is three stories, with part of the second and all of the third devoted to lodging. The rest of the second floor is given over to a balcony that overlooks the common area of the first floor as well as a small lounge. Much of the first floor is dominated by the common area, full of tables and booths as well as a number of couches set in front of a fireplace. Wild Rose can be found usually behind the bar along with one or two of her barmaids, serving drinks from the well-stocked shelves. The bar also features a number of taps, a big attraction for locals, that serve everything from beer to soda and tonic. Lighting is provided by a combination of candles and electric lights, primitive by Boreas standards but innovative for where its at.

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