The Haunted Wood

Deep in Eurus there is a forest of tall trees with a thick canopy that blots out the sun. Not much light reaches the woodland floor making it a rather spooky place to be. The locals who live at its edge have many stories to tell of ghosts and goblins that inhabit it, thus explaining the origin of its name - The Haunted Woods. While perhaps not imaginative, it does seem apt for anyone that goes in will surely see or hear strange things. Flickering lights, chilling howls, and faint music are just some of the unusual phenomena encountered. However, as of yet, nothing malicious has been observed and there have been no confirmed sightings of ghosts. Experts suggest they may be the mind playing tricks or rare animals. Others suspect fae are afoot. Whatever the case, rare herbs and fungi that can be used for a variety of things are found within meaning there'll always be at least one or two willing to brave its depths.

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