The Ghost Of Tseng

Name: The Ghost of Tseng
Alias: Baihu, Xiang
Age: Appears to be in the human equivalent of mid to late 30s
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 100lbs
Eyes: Pinkish-red, easily aggravated by direct sunlight.
Hair: Ghostly white, most often tied in a long ponytail.
Likes: The natural world.
Dislikes: Apparently everything else.
Special Dislikes: Humans, civilization, sentient beings, all things living (roughly in that order).
Known Affiliations/Organizations: None.
Description: Referring to himself as 'Xiang' when in the company of strangers unfamiliar with him or in matters of deception, his presence, appearance, and silent movements approach an unearthly elegance. Often clothed in plain, wide-sleeved robes of white with a minimal black trim and sash, he fits the form of what most would consider an elf, down to the pointed ears and almond-shaped eyes.

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