The Desert Fox

Pop quiz. What do a platoon of elite German soldiers of the Afrika Corp do when they find themselves in Enoch after having fought in some of the biggest battles of World War II? The answer, apparently, is to hang up their guns and open a bar. Named for their beloved Commander, the Desert Fox has become a popular destination in Skiron for soldiers who end up on its shores or at the gates of Enoch. Not just soldiers of World War II but of any war and any world. They come here to share stories and find comrades, to relive the old days and ponder what to do now. There is no war here in the Land of Nod, no enemy or rival kingdom to fight, but they can find solace in that there is still adventure to be had. It is at this bar that they can find it. The only golden rule of the Desert Fox is that there are no battle lines, only brothers and sisters who have seen first hand the horrors of war be it Thermopylae, Gettysburg, Endor, or Pelennor.

The Desert Fox is two story mud brick building with a terrace on the roof of the first floor. A quarter of the common area on the first floor is elevated a few feet above the rest of the room and segregated by wooden railing between two short staircases. There are some tables up here but more prominent is the veils and piles of cushions that flank a couple of large hookah. The rest of the room is filled with tables and the bar as well as a fireplace and a fire pit that sometimes see use on colder nights. Some lodging is offered on the second floor but not much.

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