The City

Enoch is a city of unparalleled size and complexity with an estimated population easily in excess of 300 million. It covers an area of over 4,000,000 square miles and is enclosed entirely behind 40 meter high walls that are 20 meters thick. At the center is the iconic tower called Pharos whose exact height is a mystery but it can be clearly seen from every corner of Enoch. The city is divided into six Wards, four major and two minor, which in turn may be broken up into thousands of distinct districts. The smallest of these, called Anemoi is in fact the base of the tower and the immediate area around it. Around Anemoi is the city proper, divided into quarters which make up the largest sections of Enoch. Boreas to the North, Notus to the South, Eurus to the east, and Zephyrus to the West. The sixth and final ward isn't actually within the walls but exists as a kind of branch or stem from the rest of Enoch; it is called Skiron and sits on the coast behind walls of its own.

Government of Enoch

City Sections:

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