The City

There in the land of Nod is Enoch, a city of unparalleled size and complexity where untold billions call home. All living in the shadow of Pharos, an impossibly tall lighthouse at the center of it all and a monument to what is beyond mortal achievement. They are the stuff of legends, whispered of in every culture on every world in some form or fashion. Stories of Atlantis, El Dorado, and Shangri-la may all trace their roots to Enoch. Even Agartha and Babel could be allusions of some kind, perhaps influenced by the labyrinthine tunnels beneath or the towering Pharos itself. And yet all these stories pale in comparison to the truth, to the true Eternal City of Enoch. Its length and breadth is inconceivable, able to fit whole continents within its borders. Great Empires that would be considerable in their own worlds are but mere specks here. Urban sprawls and civilizations the size of nations stretch from end to end, broken up by tracts of untamed wilderness. All of it is surrounded by a great and imposing wall that is at least forty meters tall and twenty wide. It is perfectly circular and unnaturally smooth with no features breaking it up other than twenty eight colossal gates spread evenly apart. Emerald fields of grass extend several miles from the wall and old roads lead to each gate. Along them are stone lanterns that burn with an unceasing and unnatural blue flame. It is here that people from other worlds arrive, abducted by unknown means and deposited just shy of any entrance. From there they have a choice to make - walk away into the land of nod or enter Enoch for a relatively safe but uncertain future.

Those that do choose to enter must first pass inspection by the legions of Pharos, protectors of the city and the tower. The Hastati, Principes, and Triarii. However they rarely turn anyone away and almost never lay hands upon any seeking entrance. These men and women from other worlds receive but a glance and are rushed along, only testing the patience of the city guardians should they linger.

Once inside Enoch, the true splendor is revealed. It isn't just the size or the walls. It's not just being stolen from other worlds! It is the baffling and anachronistic existence that they will find as they explore this seemingly lost world. Enoch is divided into six areas - called wards - each encapsulating a different vague era in development or history. Each is further partitioned into thousands of smaller districts which can vary from one to the other, both thematically and culturally. The smallest of the wards is also the most important. Called Anemoi, it is at the very heart of Enoch and plays host to Pharos, the great tower that some say controls all it surveys. Around Anemoi are the four largest wards, each equal to the other. To the North is Boreas, a realm that represents the 20th century and onward. It is a quintessential example of the modern age to a far flung future where science itself may, in parts, seem like magic. Zephyrus is to its west and it captures the essence of life leading up to and through an industrial age. Where steam-powered engines and refined black powder are seen as cutting edge. Victorian era socialites and steam punk enthusiasts would be well at home here! The East is where Eurus resides and would be familiar to those who experienced the "Middle" or "Dark" ages. Elves and sorcery are as real as knights and swords and in Eurus viking warriors can at last meet the samurai. South of it all is Notus, an embodiment of civilization's birth. All the stuff of ancient antiquity resides within still living and breathing, a wet dream for any archaeologist. More importantly it is where Gods are said to still walk among mortals and speak with them directly. The last ward is Skiron which is actually separate from all the others, connected only by a single elevated road known as the Appian Way. It has its own walls and includes all the eras but what sets it apart is that it is the only section of Enoch that is on the coast. It alone has access to the endless ocean and incorporates some of the sea in its borders. Galleons and cruise ships may sail side by side and shipwrecked sailors lost at say may wash up at its gates.

Now there is one final piece to this puzzle and that is how it all manages to coexist without descending into madness and ruin. Some say it has to do with the ruler of Enoch, a mysterious being known as the Viceroy. It and its servants, the Ideal Hand, are said to work behind the scenes pulling strings to keep everything orderly. It is also said that they and their minions carefully control the economy, currency exchange, and even languages though whether or not that is mere rumor is anyone's guess. The big piece may very well be the borders between each ward! There is something about them that is off, something confusing. It's almost as if they were intentionally created to be obfuscating with twisting alleys and winding, almost maze-like roads or neighborhoods. Although there aren't many overt barriers, there are few easy or obvious routes to take between the wards. In some places, yes, there are walls but most obstructions are more subtle. Buildings themselves may become obstacles while hills, thick woods, and even roaring rivers serve as more 'natural' boundaries. And like many other things about Enoch, there are also rumors that strange magics or chemicals in the air befuddle minds and discourage immigration. True or not, most people born in the First City rarely travel far from their home districts for very long, nevermind their ward. Only the persistent or adventurous generally do! And other worlders, of course, for what can they do but explore in hopes of finding a way home or at the very least make a new one here in this strange place.

Government of Enoch

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