The Brass Swan

One of the more upscale inns in Skiron, The Brass Swan is located on the edge of a large open market. Its main clientele are merchants and businessmen who've traveled from other parts of Enoch to sell their goods or are on their way to the docks.The place is always busy and almost always booked but if anyone is lucky to find a room available, they'll unfortunately have to pay a handsome price for just a night. However with that room comes good food, great ale, an ideal location, and entertainment galore. The owner, a portly fellow by the name of John Templeton, pays a pretty coin for good performers to come and put on a show for his guests. It does, after all, keep the rich men happy while waiting to do business.

The Brass Swan is a three story building with the upper floors dedicated to guest rooms and suites. The common room is large, well kept and clean. There are dozens of tables for guests to eat at, all spread around a small stage. There are a couple couches, a fireplace, and a bar. Templeton is a fan of furnishing and has thus decorated his inn with suits of armor, busts on pedestals, and paintings as well as fine rugs bought in the very markets and bazaars around his business. There is also a desk by the front door where the owner can normally be found, waiting to greet guests or rent rooms when they become available.

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