The Appian Way

"Is this the way to Amarillo?"

Skiron exists under unusual circumstances. While considered a part of Enoch, it exists well outside the City walls. In fact, there are many miles and even a mountain range between it and the rest of Enoch! However, Skiron remains firmly tethered. The Appian way is that tether, that thick root that holds them together. It is a massive elevated road, easily wider than six lanes, built along an ancient stone bridge that connects the two together. It is much more than that, however; the Appian way is also an Aqueduct that carries much needed water from the mountains to either end. Just as important, and amazing, is that dozens of towns of varying sizes are also built along it serving as rest areas and pit stops for travelers making the long trek. The Way begins in Skiron, traveling over a vast desert before entering into the mountains. From there it goes over forests, vast plains, rivers, and lakes before finally crossing over Enoch's walls and parts of both Boreas and Zephyrus where it empties out. There are fountains and weathered statues along its length, though they pale in comparison to the views that the Way has to offer.

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