The Apocryphal Cathedral

In Eurus there is a great Cathedral, twice the size of the famed Notre-Dame de Paris. It is the Apocryphal Cathedral of the Forgotten God, dedicated to a religion that was not actually lost but instead uprooted and transplanted in an alien place. A version of the Abrahamic religions colored by the usual locale and contact with countless other cultures. To some it might be a perversion while others may regard it as a natural progression. Regardless, throngs of believers flock to the great cathedral weekly to hear the word of God from Bishops in fancy hats and elaborate garments. Speaking of God's will in regards to the Tower. This, of course, brings them into conflict with other faiths on occasion such as the Kentra who have their own views and tradtions regarding Pharos.

The Cathedral is a massive structure and a definitive example of gothic architecture with a great many arches, columns, and stained glass windows. Crosses, stars, and moons are a common motif throughout while gargoyles stand a silent vigil at every corner. There is whisper that some are in fact alive but no one has so far dared to test their truth. A resplendent gold alter is at the heart of the great hall, separates by railings from the pews. For visitors, the place can be awe-inspiring to behold. The smell of incense and of so many burning candles. The mosaics, the windows portraying fabled events and saints. Some may be recognizable while others are entirely unfamiliar.

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