In a shady lane leading away from the corner of a Market Square in Eurus is a three-story wood frame structure with a scent of stale booze and with dark old green paint shedding from its shingles in chips and slivers. A wooden sign hanging a little too low above the door identifies this joint- It's the Snake-In-Boot. Known for its extremely inexpensive 'Snake's Brew' cheap mixed alcoholic swill sold by the halfpenny and nearly as cheap lodgings in drafty small rooms upstairs, the Snake-In-Boot also gives their customers a chance to drink and dine and drink in shady privacy made by high wooden booth walls. Need to talk secret and possibly criminal business with associates? Don't worry- lovely barkeep Daisy isn't going to rat you out to the local magistrates. She's always happy you're here. And you'll probably be happy to see her. While not exactly a Guild-endorsed center for adventurefolk, the Snake still serves as a good launching point for action due to its low costs and lack of prying eyes.

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