Skiron is the second smallest section of Enoch, after Anemoi, and is unique in that it actually resides outside the city proper. It is a port on the western coast that is connected to the rest of Enoch only by an elevated road on an enormous stone bridge that crosses over that desert and through those mountains. This bridge acts not only as a highway but as an aqueduct and an extension of Skiron itself. Large towns have been built along the the road to accommodate travelers making the long journey inland or to the coast. It is a thriving port belonging to no specific era where ships with metal hulls float side-by-side boats from the age of sail, all of which unloading their exotic goods. It is also, not surprisingly, the place where wayward sailors, shipwrecked crew, and lost seamen find themselves after being drawn in by Pharos. Skiron is protected by its own walls along with a small but impressive fleet comprised of both antiquated and ultramodern warships. Even here pirates are an ever-present threat.

Notable Locations
Aquaria Base
Black Rock Cove
Carousel Cruise Colony
The Desert Fox
The Appian Way
The Brass Swan
Skeleton Bay
William's Island

Notable Organizations
Redsun Raiders

Notable People
(none yet!)

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