Skiron is unique among the wards in that it resides outside the city proper and it is the only part of Enoch to touch the Nameless Ocean. Situated on the western coast of Nod and surrounded by desert, it is still connected to the rest of city by an elevated stone road called the Appian way. Not only does the ancient structure allow for safer travel to and from the other wards but it also serves as an aqueduct, bringing in vital fresh water. There are other sources but it is a major one. The land of Skiron is largely arid, like its surroundings, with some oasis and a handful of lakes to support the people here. It is not without vegetation, however; patches of tropical and subtropical forests can be found all over. Mangroves also dot certain parts of the seashore.

The coastal ward at a first glance appears to be the smallest in Enoch, after Anemoi, but this is true only if just the mainland is counted. Skiron's borders actually include a vast tract of ocean, encompassing hundreds of islands and the seafloor itself. With everything considered, it is nearly equal in size to the other wards. Skiron also has its own wall but is not fully enclosed like Greater Enoch. Either end extends well into the water buts terminates with bastions topped by lighthouses. They are formidable and by themselves are enough to dissuade ships with ill intent from approaching but Skiron can count on numerous island forts too. After all, the Nameless Ocean is crawling with pirates and other dangers who would love to prey on shipping lanes.

The urban sprawls in Skiron reflect its littoral position and dry climate. It borrows heavily from desert and seafaring cultures throughout the ages, highlighting another characteristic that makes the ward special even in Enoch. Skiron is beholden to no specific era or period but rather borrows from them all. Boats with metal hulls float side-by-side ships from the age of sail, all of which unloading their exotic goods at ports up and down the ward's coast. Cruise ships share the water with man-of-wars and triremes. Ancient wharfs and ultramodern harbors dot Skiron's seashore but they are not the only attractions! There are also luxurious resorts that draw in tourists from all over Enoch, seemingly forgotten civilizations under the sea, and countless island communities.

Not surprisingly it is a place where wayward sailors, shipwrecked crews, and lost seamen find themselves after being drawn in by the light of Pharos. They wake up on the beaches or in the dunes and, on occasion, wash up on shore. Very rarely they even wake up on the decks of their boats, confused.

Notable Locations
Aquaria Base
Black Rock Cove
Carousel Cruise Colony
The Desert Fox
The Appian Way
The Brass Swan
Skeleton Bay
William's Island

Notable Organizations
Redsun Raiders

Notable People
(none yet!)

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