Skeleton Bay

Skiron has many bays and lagoons within its borders and although Skeleton Bay is far from its largest, it is among the more interesting. Also known as Boneyard Bay, it is filled with the wrecks and remains of ships from different ages. From galleons to tankers to destroyers and cruise ships. More ships are brought all the time, either deposited by companies with no further use for them or simply washed up by the capricious oceans that surround the Land of Nod. Even the odd space ship can be found here now and then. And while ship breaking does occur, providing a lot of raw materials and scrap, many more vessels are left to rot and erode naturally. Not surprisingly some people have therefor re-purposed some of the rusty hulks. 'Villages' have been built in, on, and around some of the more intact vessels with makeshift bridges and walkways between them. For the most they are populated by scavengers, scrappers, and people with nowhere else to go but some do make a good living finding artifacts and valuable materials. Crime, however, can be a problem.

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