Silver Saucer

"It was a good idea at the time" is a familiar saying to many visionaries whose ideas were ahead of their time. That were bold but ultimately poorly planned. The Silver Saucer was one such idea. Built decades ago, it was envisioned as an improvement on the old new stands or food stalls found in many significant subway stations. It began life as a room full of flashy vending machines that served just about every need and want, following a space theme with gaudy saucers and rockets everywhere. Eventually, with the soaring popularity of videogames, arcade machines were installed. However, location is everything and the small subway station it was a part of was anything but busy. Low traffic saw the decline in the Silver Saucer's popularity and today the once vibrant spot is now dimly lit and rarely visited, with few of its attractions still functional (such as the mysterious Polybius). It's not hard to find, for anyone interested or desperate; only one level below ground, a simple stairway leads up to a usually-quiet street in the shadow of skyscrapers.

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