Picture a creature that is part raccoon and part bear that walks like a man. Something that is slender and four feet tall. Now, picture a creature prone to scavenging that is excitable, aggressive, and tribal. This is the Rufaxi in a nutshell. They are most commonly encountered outside the wall in the Land of Nod where raiding parties frequently come to blows with exploratory teams and adventurers. Their roving bands often compete with guilds for the many treasures that can be found out there but they also have a nasty habit of attacking newly arrived Other Worlders who stray too far from the gates of Enoch. Fortunately they aren't that clever or that well-armed. Crude iron weapons and early firearms are usually what they equip themselves with but the more prosperous may equip themselves with modern assault rifles they managed to loot from one place or another. The Rufaxi are not as common inside Enoch and those found there are usually a fair bit more tame than their rowdier cousins. That isn't to say some don't exhibit those tendencies; small groups do try to raid from time to time but are usually driven off by local militias or law enforcement. Criminal organizations sometimes hire them as cheap mercenaries while races in the Caer Umber frequently use them as slaves or worse.

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