Rudolf Kopecki

Name: Rudolf Kopecki
Age: 26
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 125 lbs (notably thin)
Eyes: Fieldgrey
Likes: Not being dead, singing, the camaraderie of his fellows, work well done
Dislikes: Communism
Known Affiliations/organization: 200. Sturmgeschutz-Abteilung 21. Panzer-Division im Deutsches Afrikakorps and also Normandy (WIA 3 July 1944) Reassigned to I Pz Abt. 21. Pz-Div on the Eastern Front (MIA 11 April 1945)
Description/History: Born 6 July 1921 in Koenigberg East Prussia to an ethnically Polish father and German mother, Rudi Kopecki identifies and speaks primarily German- although the last three years in Skiron have given him a good grasp on English language as well. While not completely indoctrinated in the ideology of the day (due to his heritage, there was always a disconnect), Rudi was like most boys of his generation raised to be a soldier and that is all he really knows. Operating in Sturmgeschutz II assault gun vehicles for most of his career (and assigned to a Panzer IV for his last month in his 21st Panzer Division) Rudi earned the Panzer Assault Badge, Wound Badge in Black, and the Iron Cross 2nd Class in his service on three fronts before finding himself escaping

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