What is "Free Form" Roleplay?

Fort City is a Free Form Role Play Channel. What that means is we do not adhere to any systems like Pathfinder or Dungeons and Dragons. Stats, character sheets, and dice roles are not required. Players are given a great deal of freedom on how to play their character and interact with the setting. A little trust and common sense are necessary for things to run smoothly especially when in-character conflicts arise or combat breaks out as there are no official mechanics to determine outcomes. It's expected that players can work through this cooperatively to better tell a story and to put on an entertaining scene.

Character Creation and Carrying Over

The setting of Pharos Enoch allows for diverse range of characters to be played due to its unique nature. Anything from Werewolves to Cyborgs, knights and salarymen. Steampunk can clash with cyberpunk. Elves may mingle freely with vuluhSpace Elves. Magic and technology might coexist.

You have a lot of freedom to exercise your creativity.

The power of the tower, Pharos, reaches across time and space so it is also possible for you to transplant your characters from other channels and settings without any issue. Your characters can either come directly there or you are more than welcome to edit their backgrounds so that they've lived most or all of their lives in the City of Enoch.

There is no formal character submission process so feel free to drop in as soon as you have a character. We do enjoy hosting character profiles for posterity, however!

Power Levels
Presently there are no hard restrictions on powers and abilities or talents. That means hypothetically you can have, yes, "power levels over 9000" but it's strongly recommended you do not. We encourage common sense and restraint because people generally get turned off by characters wielding too much power for not particularly good reason. The ultimate point of this channel is not to be one person's power trip or to show off; it's for people to come together and write in an exciting and unique setting.

If you have to make a splash, ask yourself this - would I be blowing up an area bigger than a city block? If the answer is "yes", then it's advised you ask permission first.

Magic, psionics/mind powers, techno magic, magic-like technology, and things like Chi or Ki are all permissible within this setting. Again, however, we kindly ask that you keep common sense and restraint in mind.

Fan Characters
Are Fan Characters permissible? Yes and yet a resounding no. We do allow fan characters but we prefer experienced players behind them who've been with the channel a while. In other words, please do ask before you drop in a dozen shadow clones or fly around in a police box.

Non Player Characters
Generally we allow players to use NPCs but please be mindful toward what purpose they serve. NPCs should not be used explicitly for the purpose of making your character look cool. An unsavory example is killing tons of nameless NPCs and piling them up, especially in areas where that'd be difficult, just to show off how evil or powerful your character is. It's boring, cliche, and can turn off a lot of players. Having a bunch of NPCs fawn over your character or proclaiming how amazing your character is is less offensive but can still annoy players, especially if done poorly.

In the case of authoritative NPCs, such as governors or police, it's strongly recommended you ask for permission first. Important and named NPCs of the setting are off limits, however, and may only be played by staff of the channel.

Introducing a Character to the Setting

Picking a place to start and deciding how to introduce your character into the setting can be a daunting task. Rest assured, we will do what we can to help you! The first choice to make is to decide if your character just arrived or has been in Enoch a while. In the case of the latter, you can either have your character live there all his/her life or merely lived within the city for an extended period of time.

In the case of the former, if you choose to play it out, your character will likely have been in the middle of something or lost in thought. Maybe your character is just lost. Perhaps he or she was dozing off at the wheel or fell asleep on a park bench somewhere. Regardless, your character would soon find a blinding light shining in their eyes and, when it clears up, they will be in the Land of Nod at Enoch's gates. It's your choice which section of Enoch your character ends up at. The Gates will be guarded and your character will be stopped briefly but then you will be permitted entrance. In the case of Skiron, which is on the western coast, you even have the option of washing up on a beach or being fished out of the water!

Channel Etiquette

Out of Character (OOC) Conduct
It's expected that all players will treat each other with courtesy at all times in the OOC room. I don't expect everyone to get along and I won't force people to talk to each other but, while in the room, you will behave. Any conflicts or personal issues should be taken to whisper. Moderators and staff will only intervene if requested or if the relative peace of the channel is disturbed.

There is no restriction on "adult" language but we ask that players be respectful.

In Character (IC) Conduct
It should be understood that the actions and conduct of a character may not reflect the person playing it. There is no restriction on characters being nice or mean and they may be vulgar. However, explicit sexual content should be taken to a private channel as not to offend other players. Any conflicts between players should not spill over into role play. If you do not like someone, you should ignore them if you cannot play with them nicely.

A player may feel reluctant on joining an ongoing scene out of courtesy toward those involved or uncertainty of how to enter. Rest assured most scenes are open, especially when the scene is at a hub like an inn or bar. If you're not sure if a scene is opened or closed, don't be afraid to ask.

Sometimes role play may involved four or more players. In these cases things can get a little confusing and it may be hard for some to act or react. Not every player is quick thinking or a quick typist and a player may have to react to multiple things at once. A post can also easily be lost or overlooked. For these reasons players should be mindful and patient. Maintaining some semblance of a turn order for posting or, at least, patiently waiting for all players to react before putting out another post is strongly recommended. Spamming posts is discouraged because it can be jarring and it makes things more difficult for other players.

Idling and loitering
Some places may ask players to leave the role play channel if they are not playing. We do not. We encourage people to visit the role play channel even when they are not playing so that they can watch. In that way they may find an opportunity to join in. Or simply be entertained by what others are doing!

On the Issue of Power Gaming, God Mode, and Auto Hitting

A common concern in Free Form role play, role play without stats or dice, is the issue commonly referred to as "Power Gaming". It is when a character is so powerful, usually obnoxiously, that when in a fight he/she can ignore any attack directed at him/her. Not only that but the player and character will perceive every attack he/she launches to unequivocally land on another player's character regardless of that character's abilities or talents. This is often called "auto hitting" and, like power gaming, is also frowned on.

As obnoxious as power gaming may be, at present we will not intervene on these matters unless it becomes a disturbance to role play or is an obvious effort to troll the player base. If asked, we will step in to arbitrate but we expect players to be adult enough to work it out.

We encourage players that engage in IC conflict to open a dialogue in private to work out the direction of the fight to avoid unnecessary confusion or OOC conflict. It is much easier to have your abilities acknowledged when you ask the other player if it is okay that they acknowledge them. Although we have no formal system, another option is to bring in dice or even flip a coin to decide the fate of battle.

"Auto hitting", however, without the express permission of the other player is against the code of conduct. If you auto hit and the other player complains, we will first warn you. If this activity continues, disciplinary actions will be taken.

Remember, the only character you are responsible for is your own. The only character you write for is your own; you should not try to decide the actions of another player unless worked out and discussed. Likewise, no other player's character can force their actions on you. But! If you Mary or Gary Stu it, if you dodge every attack and solve every mystery instantly, keep in mind people will probably be turned off and not want to play.

Story Lines and Adventures

The channel administrators may run plot lines or adventures from time to time. However, players may also host their own. That said, they should be mindful that not everyone may wish to be pulled into one. If a scene is ongoing, permission should be sought before injecting a story or adventure into active play. Major story lines or adventures, specifically those that could potentially effect or leave a footprint on the setting and its canon, requires permission from the channel's staff. Examples include summoning dark gods, dropping giant meteors on Enoch, or attempted assassinations on major characters. Any ideas for a plot involving the Ideal Hand, the Tower, or the Viceroy requires permission from the Channel Owner.


Any questions about Pharos Enoch or its policies can be sent to moc.oohay|hcone_sorahp#moc.oohay|hcone_sorahp with the subject "Question" and brief description of question.

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