Phil's Tavern

"Phil doesn't say much. He mostly glares and spits but sure does keep his cups clean."

Boreas is home to many fine restaurants and inns, ranked with many stars and positive reviews, that cater to the elite of society. Phil's Tavern is none of that. It is an old dive on the edge of the city where the urban meets the suburban. Where average joes can go to shoot pool or watch sports while girls in skimpy outfits serve them beer. But while anyone can come in and take a seat, rumors have it that there's a very specific clientele that Phil's caters to. Specifically the Mercenary guilds. It's not too hard to believe as an unusual number of mercenaries, bounty hunters, and other rogues do frequent the place on a regular basis. Probably because Phil, according to a few baseless allegations, is a major contact that deals in everything from information to weapons. But also because of the widescreen TVs and the pool tables.

The main area is dimly lit, mostly by the televisions and a few neon signs scattered throughout the room. Directly across from the entrance is the lengthy wooden bar, behind which are well-stocked shelves and one of those flat screens. Off to the side are a few pool tables, arcade machines, a jukebox, and one dart board hanging from a post. On the other side is a small stage with a dusty karaoke machine that apparently has seen little use (with such a tough crowd, it's probably ill-advised). For seating and dining there are a number of booths and rectangular tables throughout. There are bathrooms, too, and an extensive kitchen but then there are the backrooms and the upstairs. These are off limit to all but staff and a select few. These are where the 'magic' happen. Or so the rumors say.

Makin' your way into Pharos today takes everything you've got
Takin' a break from all your worries sure would help a lot
Wouldn't you like to get away?
You've just arrived and you've got no clue… you don't know what to do
Or you've got a meeting, a contact that could turn tail…
And your backup support doesn't show…
Sometimes you wanna go where nobody knows your naaame!
And starting fights is not the gaaaame!
Phil won't take any trouble from you, but he'll always be ready with a cold brew
And he won't even ask your naaaaame
-Unofficial theme song to Phil's Tavern, sung to the tune of the Cheers theme.

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