In the deepest parts of Anemoi, just outside the reach of mortal men, is the great tower Pharos. An immense structure, no one really knows how large or tall it actually is or even what it is made of. What is certain is that it's taller than any mountain and can be seen from virtually anywhere in Enoch, even any point in the Land of Nod. It may even reach well into the stratosphere. Making this even more impressive is that the tower seems to be made almost entirely of stone. Granite, marble, limestone and more have been suggested to be a part of its construction. The exterior is dotted with architectural flourishes like statues, gargoyles, columns, and balconies although only the largest can be clearly made out from a distance without telescopes. And of course, there is the top of the tower. It's height makes it difficult enough to see with the naked eye but the radiant light it gives off makes it all but impossible. It is this light that scholars and wise men believe responsible for pulling people from distant places and worlds because it is a blinding light that Other Worlders see prior to awakening at Enoch's gates. The source of the light, like many other things about the city, is a complete mystery and the subject of many rumors and myths. Some philosophers also speculate that the Tower may be the source of legends such as the Tower of Babel or Yggdrasil and even Atlantis.

Unfortunately, it does not appear any answers will be forthcoming. No one, save the Ideal Hand and their agents, are allowed within miles of the tower. Those that try to reach Pharos are dragged away to prison if they are lucky or vaporized if they are not. Besides the formidable legions of the Viceroy, there are likely other defenses at work that take the shape of high magic and super advanced technology. Barriers and forcefields of different sorts surround it making it no easy feat to approach.

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