Njord's Artisanal Fish Tacos

Driving through the parks of Anemoi is a very colorful and ultra-modern food Truck, famed among foodies for its excellent Fish Tacos. Not just famed but legendary in fact! So famous that people will spend weeks trying to locate the elusive vehicle and its delicious bounty. And weeks they will have to spend because Njorl never keeps his vehicle in the same place for very long. Hours at most! And when people do find it, long lines form down sidewalks and paths and stretch on for blocks. Critics claim it is food fit for the gods and consumers shell out big bucks for plates of Njord's tacos. Njord himself credits fresh catches made in the various lakes and rivers as well a fish caught off the coast of Skiron. How he gets them and how they stay fresh is just one more mystery of Enoch.

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