Mercati Di Imperator

People come from miles around, districts near and far, to gaze upon the wonders of the Mercati di Imperator. In layman's terms, it is a vast open marketplace with shops that cater to practically every need. Weapons, food, armor, books, magic scrolls. Any of it can be found there in what is referred to by outsiders as "Enoch's oldest shopping mall". The first part of the market is the long, rectangular plaza where stalls and carts are set up. On either side of it are equally long, three story arcades filled with shops, restaurants, and other businesses. At the far end is a crescent-shaped building that holds some offices, auction houses, and one of the larger headquarters of the Collegium in Notus. It is incredibly busy at almost every hour of the day and the bustle only ends when it becomes too dark to do business.

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