Luna Magicka Academy

While some schools of magic in Enoch are secretive or hidden, especially in the Boreasian districts, Luna Magicka Academy is not. Located in central Eurus, it is built on the top of a hill overlooking an urban center of the typical fantasy sort. Luna Magicka is a prestigious institution with a reputation known throughout many neighboring districts, producing some of the best and brightest magic users around. It is, not surprisingly, hard to get into and the entrance exam is difficult to pass. Those that do can expect a rigorous curriculum but also superb accommodations.

The academy consists of three large buildings and several smaller all around the top of the hill. The main building is the largest and built like a mansion with the addition of a large observatory to the back. It has two wings that wrap around a pond like a crescent moon. Several streams flow from the pond and down the hill where, at its base, are thick woods that divide the academy from the town below. The two other large buildings are dorms for faculty and for students, complete with dining halls and gyms. There is only a single winding path that leads up to the front of the school where visitors are greeted by a fountain and gardens. The fountain is topped by an always-in-motion and glowing armillary sphere made of gold, giving only a glimpse to visitors of what to expect in Luna Magicka.

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