Lilavati Chattopadhyay

Name: Lilavati Chattopadhyay
Age: 19
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Eyes: Brown.
Hair: Dark brown, with light brown sun bleaching.

Likes: Reading, eating & drinking, napping, long soaks.
Dislikes: Animals, physical exertion of any kind.
Known Affiliations/organization: ―
Description/History: Lilavati comes from the early 23rd century, when humanity is expanding rapidly out of the Solar System and into the galaxy. She is an agent of the exploratory force that studies new and terraformed worlds to confirm they are fit for human colonization – her job is to make sure there is nothing on the planet that will kill human colonists, and nothing of interest that might be destroyed by colonization. She wears an armband with high-tech sensing and measuring equipment and a holographic display that acts as her personal data assistant, and a set of bracelets and boots that can repel gravity, allowing her to float, and fire concussive blasts.


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