Lady Murasaki

Player Name: Ellyndia
Character Name: Lady Murasaki no Takoko
Age: 3000+
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 110lbs
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Black

Likes: Sex, velvet, nice things
Dislikes: Brightness, willpower
Known Affiliations/organization: None.
Description/History: Lady Murasaki is the proprietor of a place in Caer Umber simply known as 'Inafu'. It is a brothel for the seedy characters of the underground, catering to vampires mostly, but also demons, devils, and normal twisted folk. It has a supply of thralls for feeding upon, as well as other goods and services. The interior is lavish with multicolored silks and plush surfaces, though other tastes can be catered to…for a price. Not much is known about Lady Murasaki's background, just that her proclivity and stamina for sex is otherworldly.

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