Kurt Von Tapfer

Name: Kurt von Tapfer
Nickname: Unwetter
Height: 189cm
Weight: 85kg
Eyes: Sapphire
Hair: Black
Known Affiliations/Organizations: NONE (yet…)
Likes: Good alcohol, Mechanics, Snuff
Dislikes: Artillery shelling, Anthro-races, Cheap beer

Descryption: Kurt is a fairly tall human male, who usually wears his military uniform and at least some part of his equipment. He often travels on his trusty bike with markings of his homeland's army. Machine is named Rawen AMR 2000cc. Big for its purpose motorcycle working better when it goes dirty. Uniform's colour is graphite and overally equipment's style is pretty German, with elements of other styles.

History: Unwetter was a soldier of 5th Shock Army "Wolf". Created a few years before the war, it was unit of one of its kind. It began as a corpse of mixed Engineer and Mountain battalions, and ended as a professional assault army. Kurt's unit was precisely saying Dritte Sturmabteilung "Dunst", as it was infamous for using many times poisonous gasses, flammable substances and other weaponry considered inhuman, was also nicknamed "Seuche".

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