Kharidae Dwarves

The Dwarves of the Kharidae are not native to Enoch, that much is certain. Their legends speak of a great Empire that their ancestors built in valleys and carved into mountains. It is said that some of their people dug too deep, however, and became lost. When they rose again they found themselves in the shadow of Pharos and a strange new world. The more likely scenario is that they, like so many others, woke up at the cities gates and decided to make do with an unusual situation. And as luck would have it, the Kharidae thrived. These industrious dwarves can mostly be found in Eurus but they've spread out to other parts of Enoch as well.

Kharidae enjoy many of the hallmarks typical dwarves share like metal working, architecture, mining, and crafting in general. They are at home in valleys, such as the Valley of Forges, or in mines and mountains. But while they do enjoy a good brew, indeed they make many themselves, they are not quite as alcoholic as some of their fellow dwarven races. They are not as stuck in their ways or belligerent, either. However, the biggest detail that seems them apart is perhaps the strangest. The Kharidae are a rare example of sexual dimorphism in a large and complex species. Male Kharidae are short, as dwarves tend to be, and very muscular. Female Kharidae are taller and more slender with slightly pointed ears, retaining youthful appearances well into adulthood. At a distance they can be mistaken for human teenagers which can sometimes lead to awkward encounters with those not familiar. There is a theory that at some point Elvish blood found its way into the Kharidae gene pool which in turn caused this but to openly speak it in front of them will likely draw their ire.

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