The Kentra are said to be a race native to Enoch, if that is really possible, and can be found in all the wards. They are a social race that put strong emphasis on family and community, though their society itself is somewhat unique. It is divided into two wings, the Exalted Kentra and the Wild. The Exalted live in colonies that are in turn divided into three or more clans. They devote their time, depending on which ward or district they live in, to artistry and craftsmanship. Goldsmiths, jewelers, painters, architects, and sculptors are typical examples of pursuits by the Kentra. In Boreas, it is not unknown for Kentra to also take a great interest in becoming electricians and software programmers. Exalted Kentra will rarely stray far from their colonies for any extended period of time, coming back eventually. Wild Kentra, however, are nomadic and travel from one Exalted colony to another. Where as Exalted are more prim and proper, the Wild are, well, wilder. More free spirited. They take a keener interest in the performing arts and many put on shows at whatever district they stop it. Whether it is plays or musical performances or dance, they are very happy and eager to show off their talents. They also sell goods that their Exalted Kin produce while also bringing back new goods to the different colonies.

Kentra are humanoid in appearance, their heights and weights generally no different than average humans. What does set them apart is a pair of small wings where their ears would be. They also possess unusual hair and eye colors which are bright and glow during periods of extreme emotion. They are beings in a transitional period, not wholly of flesh and blood but also pure energy as well. When they bleed, it is light that issues from their wounds. The Kentra have learned to harness this energy in them and can produce effects similar to magic though extended use can be taxing. Its most common use however is to communicate through the projection of energy rather than words. It can be done through touch or over short distances. Another use is creating auras that can heal other beings or temporarily boost attributes like strength or endurance. All these abilities can be amplified when two or more Kentra come together and combine their energy in what is known as 'Harmonizing'. In situations that are dire or serious, they can release most of their energy for a short but dramatic boost of power. In this state, called the Wings of wrath, the energy being burnt takes the form of radiant wings emerging from their backs. Should a Kentra stay in this state too long, they risk permanent harm or death. For this and other reasons wings play an important part in their society.

Culture and religion can vary a little between the Exalted colonies and Wild Kentra, and some even adopt non-native religions. Most, however, hold that it was the Tower's light that gave birth to their people and so many give praise to Pharos in some form or another. Wing iconography and feathers play are used often but so are towers. The right of the Guest is a practice observed by Exalted Kentra, who give shelter to people in need and provide food when able.

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