John Miller / Jonathus

Name: John Miller, Jonathus Rainmaker
Age: 31
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 210lbs
Eyes: Stormy-sky blue gray.
Hair: Blonde, always seems to be waving gently

Likes: Money, extravagant things, hot women.
Dislikes: Grovelling, People trying to outsmart him, people trying to stand up to him.
Known Affiliations/organization: Boreas and Eurus
Description/History: John Miller is what's known as a tempestarii, someone who controls the weather. He resides between Boreas, where he dresses in tailored suits and has his own weather channel and works with the local newspaper to report the weather; and Eurus, where he acts as a minor holyman of sorts to the farmers, whose crops depend on good weather. In both areas, he makes money off poor schmos who pay him to change the weather. He is thus a really greedy and conniving man, deliberately allowing terrible weather when his followers might become *too* thankful, or when they skip out on payment, or when he just needs more money.

He likes to change his wardrobe depending on which part of the city he is in, opting for the more expensive/luxurious options in each area.

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