Jade Dragon

"I must say I have no interest in selling you what you want. . but what you need is a different story."

Deep in the western quarter of Zephyrus, in some oriental district, there is a shop that deals in curious artifacts and antiques that are in the 'far east' variety. It sits at the corner of an intersection and typifies Asian architecture with gabled roofs and elaborate arches, illuminated by a number of hanging paper lanterns. The Jade Dragon, as it is known, is run by a buxom and lackadaisical woman by the name of Inari who seems more interested in lazing around than actually pushing her wares. The usual items can be found in her establishment, such as laughing Buddhas and silk kimonos, but hidden among them are more exotic affairs. A seemingly innocent and dusty urn in one corner may in fact contain some cantankerous spirit. That old-looking katana being used as a center piece on a table? It may in fact be a legendary sword. Inari has it all and is willing to part with it for the right person and the right price. She even claims to have a Mogwai, whatever that is. The interior of the store is expansive, complimented by a sky well at the center. Red pillars are neatly arranged around the room as are glass cases and selves. Oriental furniture can be found throughout and on them Inari can usually be found.

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