Hekate's Corner

"We have everything from Harry Potter to the Necronomico—oops, I mean James Beard's American Cookery."

Somewhere deep in Boreas is an unassuming two story bookstore. The front isn't particularly remarkable, its doorway flanked by two big windows filled with displays of the current hit series like A Monopoly on Crowns or Richard Panner. The sign above the entrance is plane and reads "Hekate's Corner". The first floor is the same as any other modern bookstore, divided into different sections with chairs and tables to sit at. The second floor, however, is a little older and contains books that might otherwise be found in the other quarters. However, even this is a front for Haktes Corner secretly caters to the more magically inclined. Behind hidden passages and glamour magic are other rooms filled with tomes and artifacts. Ingredients for potions and components for spells are also sold here and are on display in glass containers. The only way to gain access is through the second floor and only after receiving permission from the staff who will play dumb unless presented either with magic or a card with a specific symbol. Even then a would-be customer might be denied if they are judged unworthy or dangerous.

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