The Viceroy of Pharos Enoch.

There is no other title, no other position in the city that inspires such fear and awe. Whoever holds it is a complete mystery for no one outside the Viceroy's inner circle, the Ideal Hand, has ever met him. Yet his authority is said to be absolute, commanding every aspect and every inch of Enoch. His vision alone guides the city, ensuring that the delicate balance between the four quarters of the city proper is maintained. He rules via the Ideal Hand, communicating through them to the various lower bodies of government but not much else is known about the Viceroy. In fact, the only other detail is that he lives at the base of Pharos.

Because of all this, there is no end to rumors regarding this enigmatic leader. Some say he doesn't exist at all, merely a boogie man created by the Ideal Hand. Others allege that it is a woman or even a genderless mass of writhing tentacles that has come to lord over the populace. All of which is of course dangerous to discuss but perhaps the most controversial theory is that the Viceroy is merely the servant of another, greater being. The definition of Viceroy, which is someone appointed to rule in a sovereign's stead, seems to support this as well as the fact that the Viceroy does not reside at the top of the tower. However, any talk of this nature may bring harsh reprisals from the paramilitary forces of the Ideal Hand and as such is better left unsaid.

The Ideal Hand

There is no better name for the Viceroy's inner circle than the Ideal Hand for if he is the will and the mind of Enoch, they are truly his hands. Whatever laws he decrees, whatever commands he may give, the Ideal hand make sure it gets done. Like the fingers of a hand, there are only five members and each one is given sole jurisdiction over a section of the City putting them squarely at the top of whatever system of government that runs it. Whether it's the monarchy of Eurus or the Democracy of Boreas, they are the dictators for life who step in when necessary in the absence of orders from the Viceroy. While enigmatic themselves, the Ideal Hand is far more visible and take a much more hands on approach to better carry out their duties. They have offices or palaces in their respective sections of Enoch and sometimes grant audiences to the ruling elite and, in Boreas, the media. They also issue orders to their own private paramilitary forces should the need arise.


To keep the Status quo and ensure the safety of the City, the Ideal hand can rely upon its potent paramilitary which remain distant but present and ever watchful. This force is called the Legio and is divided into the militant Maniples and the secretive Immunes, which act as the hammer and the scalpel respectively. These agents are not concerned with petty issues or small crimes, however; such matters are left to adventurers or the various local officials of each district whose laws may vary. Their concerns and interests are on a much grander scale and act only when the very city is threatened.

Additional Forces of the Ideal Hand:

The Maniples are the armed forces of the Ideal Hand, their spear. The hammer which they may drop. They are heavily armed, highly motivated, well trained, and not especially sociable. More importantly, they are unquestionably loyal and would even take their own life on command. Their responsibilities include guarding every gate into Enoch, patrolling the walls, and watching the major borders between the four quarters of the city proper. The bulk of the Maniples remain on stand-by, however, but at a state of readiness so that they can rapidly respond to any serious crisis. To accomplish this, and to both remain flexible and effective, the Maniples are further divided into the the Hastati, the Principes, the Triarii, and the Socii.

Where as the Maniples deal with threats by force of arms and numbers, the Immunes take a much more subtle approach. They are investigators and spies, shadow agents whose work and even existence is largely unknown to the average citizen of Enoch.They are the quiet keepers of order in the city and when the Ideal hand needs something done without causing a scene, it is the Immunes who take up the task. Like the Maniples, responsibilities are delegated to different divisions within the organization. These include the Arcani, the Vigiles Urbani, and the Adiutor.

Regional Government


The Collegium

The Collegium is an autonomous institution that has been a part of Enoch for as long as anyone can remember. Apparently independent of the tower's authority, it exists to address two problems unique to Enoch that the Ideal Hand seem unwilling or unable to address - the vast size of the city and the constant influx of otherworlders.

Although the Legio is an overwhelming force, it doesn't concern itself with mundane issues or petty crime. Any problems beyond the wall are also ignored if it won't disturb the status quo of the city. That means the enforcement of laws falls to each ward and district. The police, guards, or constibles all do their jobs as best they can but their resources are finite and, like the Legio, don't go beyond the wall. This can be a problem for caravans or explorers who wish to travel to the Land of Nod.

Then there are the otherworlders who arrive without warning in a world that is alien to them. Confused, lost, and oftimes the only possessions they have are what they were carrying prior to arriving at Enoch's gates. It would seem like a hopeless or terrifying experience. What can they do? Where can they find shelter or food or a means to make money?

The Collegium solves these problems by killing two birds with one stone. It gives otherworlders an opportunity for employment via the Guild System that in turn provides manpower to public or private interests.

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