Eurus represents the Dark Ages to the Renaissance and, to the people found in Boreas, the 'fantasy worlds' that dominate fiction. Elves and Dwarves mingle with men here freely, though not always pleasantly. Mystical towers and schools of magic can be found here as well as whole forests with houses in the treetops. One district may have koi ponds, stone gardens, pagodas and temples while its neighbor may have fanciful canals plied by beautiful women who pilot gandolas. Here, in Eurus, magic is well-known and practiced usually freely although some districts may have in place laws that others do not have.

Notable Locations
The Apocryphal Cathedral
Caer Umber
Castle Vandire
The Haunted Wood
Hemidor's Hunting Camp
Luna Magicka Academy
The Prancing Lion
Valley of Forges

Notable Organizations
The Six Elemental Houses

Notable People
(none yet!)

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