If ever there was a case that Enoch is not all fun and adventure, it would be Druskak. The Autocratic Republic of Druskak, or ARD, is a large district in Boreas reminiscent of dystopian futures like 1984 and a Brave New World. It is heavily industrialized, extremely polluted, densely populated and very authoritarian. Large and dilapidated walls surround much of Druskak, segregating it from the rest of Enoch. They exist as much to keep people in as they do to keep unwanted visitors out. Uniformed men stand guard at every gate, manning well-armed checkpoints and permit only authorized freight and agents of the tower through. Members of the collegium are also sometimes permitted entrance but only begrudgingly and after intense interrogation as to the purpose of their visit. Spotlights, towers, retractable barriers and luminous red scanners are common sights at these entrances and are used to great effect.

The conditions on the inside are far from pleasant. The air is choked with smog and streets are crowded by the poor and homeless who live under towering spires and large complexes. What little space isn't covered by shoddy, rust covered structures is instead filled by grim contaminated swamps. Commoners, if they are lucky, live on the surface in cramped tenements. However, the vast majority of Druskak's population live below ground along artificial canyons and trenches. The conditions here are even more rundown and claustrophobic, most living their entire lives without ever seeing the actual sky. They share what space there is with chemical plants, factories, and power plants that belch smoke and ooze waste into the lower levels. Rumors abound of mutants or monsters that lurk down there and, in the most knowing circles, there are even whispers that some hidden away passages lead to a dreadful realm referred to as Caer Umber . Because of the walls and despotic control, these commoners who slave away are unaware of what is outside of Druskak. They are told by the upper class that it is a hellish world far worse than what they know. That those who live in Druskak are the world's last hope of civilization while everyone 'trapped' outside are - much to the chagrin of neighboring districts - vicious barbarians. This is, of course, all propaganda to help tighten their hold on the masses in their jurisdiction.

The ruling elite, which make up a very small portion of Druskak's population, live high above in the spires. Each spire is connected by fancy and elaborate bridges decorated in gold leaf and often covered with gardens. From ornate balconies the wealthy get splendid view of the rest of Boreas and, of course, Pharos. Most of their wealth is derived from selling goods produced by the lower classes to other districts who may or may not be aware of the slave labor used. At the top of Druskakian society is the Supreme Hierarch Maximillion Olikov IV who, together with his ministers, oversee all aspect of life in the district. Their tenuous power is maintained by a strong corp of military police and the Palatine Guard, Olikov's elite protectors and assassins.

Dissidents and intellectuals are often arrested and locked up or executed in an effort to stifle resistance. Anyone that tries to escape often meets the same fate, though that has not stopped people from trying now and again. For as tight as Olikov's grip is, there are cracks. Literal cracks in the poorly maintained wall that are hidden and out of the way or perilous routes through the swamps that people try to escape through. Those lucky enough to sneak out often find themselves staring at what must seem like a paradise or utopia. Naturally these same routes could be used to sneak in but, really, who would want to do that?

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