Name: Doridal Boldgrin

Age: 82

Height: 4 foot 3 inches

Weight: 161ish

Eyes: Blueish Green

Hair: Dark Brown

Likes: Exploring, Blacksmithing, Ale.

Dislikes: Ruining something he is creating, catching beard on fire (happened twice), soft metals

Known Affiliations/organization: Boldgrin keep, Master Forge of Windhaven

Description/History: At an early age this dwarf found his way to Windhaven to learn the art of dragon forging, where he worked with the Master Forge (blacksmiths guild) for thirteen years. Then was called back to Boldgrin keep to take over the keep from his ailing father after taking the crown from his father he turned to making mead and ales to challenge his mind and keep his hand busy, and over the years Boldgrin Mead and Ales became known around the Westmarch and farther out into Fal-Daris, he has a wife and two sons that run the keep when he has to return to the Master Forge for meetings or projects of his own that require the fires of the Dragon Forge.

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