Crevan Clayborne

Name: Crevan Clayborne
Age: 22
Height: 5'7"
Weight 135lbs
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Blond
Likes: Books, Learning, horses, and looking out for the wellbeing of his people
Dislikes: anything faerie, being underestimated, and being woken up
Known Organization: Lord of the Aurora Plains in the kingdom of Daventree.
Description: Otherworldly hued violet eyes always seem to see more than what is there, and thanks to his Truth-sight his vision always cuts through the veils of falsehood. His other commanding feature is that his lithe form is lacking his entire left arm and most of the shoulder. When keeping Truth at bay, he usually sports a pair of nonprescription glasses. Preferring to keep his nobility under the radar he tends to dress plainly and always wears long sleeves regardless of the weather.

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