Ciel Noir

Ciel Noir is one of the largest technology companies in Boreas. It deals primarily in computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and various services. Its operating system, Infinite Sky 5.0, can be found in millions of personal computers and offices all across Enoch. It even has its own successful game system in the Dark Box as well as a handheld called the Cloud Station 3D. However, there is more to the common than this neat and tidy facade lets on. Ciel Noir, far from the public eye, is alleged to be involved in a score of shady dealings and taboo research. There are rumors that it engages in corporate espionage and even assassinations ordered by the board of directors. There was even a report that suggested Ciel Noir has dealings with certain criminal elements but the reporter who was working on this has apparently vanished without trace. Whatever the case, Ciel Noir is not going anywhere any time soon.

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