Castle Vandire

Somewhere in Eurus stands the ancient and mighty Castle Vandire, ancestral home of King Derek Vandire the III. It sits atop a hill, giving him a superb vantage point to gaze upon the five districts his family has overseen for generations. The keep is at the center and highest point, made of heavy stone and topped with six large statues of griffons. Crimson banners with black eagle claws are draped from various points, the symbol of Derek's house, fluttering in the strong winds that often blow through the area. Two sets of thick walls and numerous towers protect it from would-be intruders while also housing blacksmiths, stables, a well, and other facilities in its baileys. It truly is a symbol of the Vandire family's power. To get to the castle, one need only exit the town below it and follow the road that crosses a river and snakes all the way up the hill. Getting through the gatehouse, however, is another matter as Derek is very selective in who he gives audience to.

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